America gambled with the keys in the dungeon´s door lock. Half willingly, half accidentially they
opened it and unleashed the Beast: the “anti-everything” a cultural refined democratic mind must
stand for: The Trump. An ill-bred stubborn narcissistic powercrazed notorious democratic misfeature.
A proven sexist, a convicted liar, an evidenced anti-democrat, and doubtless one hell of an anti-
humanist flat-earthling and now President of the Unated States of America.

And as always the cartonists are the first and last line of defense if it comes to protect freedom and culture.

We make the people learn by pictoral irritation and pointed intellectual unmasking. And once in a
while even by putting an unwillingly smile into an other than that for the mostpart haggard face.
We have, well placed, the atomic-power to ridicule the force. A cartoon has not uncommonly far
more impact than live ammunition. That is why cartoonist are usually looked up or shot if possibble.
Take the french Charly Hebdo or the turkish Musa Kart representative for the countless victims among the cartoonists.

That´s why we, the cartoonist have to stand up everytime a Trump shows up in the always
near-threatened china shop of democracy.